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Wearable Art.

One-And-Only Custom Pieces.

Limited Run Collections.




adorn your body with your soul



you are unstoppable - dress the part


Custom Work

Make A Statement.

Let's work together to create your signature piece of wearable art. We'll dive deep into your shadowy places and pull out the thing that makes you spark, reminding you that you are exactly who you are meant to be.

Work with us to select the perfect wearable palette - jacket, shoes, dress, etc - and collaborate on a design that sends an electric shock of hell yes down your spine every time you adorn yourself with it.

Savage Every Day

Where Did You Find That?

Are you the kind of collector with a killer curation of enviable et ceteras lurking in your closet? 

So are we. That's why we can't stop ourselves from making our own little collection of delights. 

Come find your next favorite thing, from ready-for-your wardrobe collections of accessories to limited-run t-shirts.

Original Collections

Diamonds In The Rough.

Every now and then, I stumble onto an idea so... electrifying to my soul that I don't want to wait until a client comes to me with a custom order that syncs up.

I just know in my heart that I can't rest until I find a way to create and offer a collection that resonates with me and I hope with you, too.


See what may lay in store for you to discover.

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You're In.


risen from ash.

Savage Sacrament began in 2019 amid the chaos of rebirth.

Over infinite reincarnations, we have found freedom in the power of brazen expression and have come to see that our true path lies in working with others walking through their own alchemical fires. 

We are here to preach the irrationally lovely gospel that clothes aren't just decoration. How you adorn yourself is a ceremonial act of devotion to the liberation of all humankind through the embrace of sovereign fearlessness.

Here you will find more than merely one-of-a-kind works of wearable art (although, we have that, too).


We hope what you actually discover is the power within a statement piece that speaks to your soul when you wear it for the first time. It can become a talisman for your Self as it emerges from the fragile armor of the Ego. Because when you move through the world, you are sending out the ripple of your personal truth to everyone that lays eyes on you.


The more you allow yourself to stand in the raw, vicious embodiment of your ultimate Self, the more the whole world will see that it's possible to dissolve fear and embrace the strength within diverse truths.


And that's the kind of radical act of self-love that can evolve into a tidal wave of global transformation.

The first step is being willing to be seen as who you truly are.

IMG-5513 copy.jpg

If all the world is a stage, don't be a character in someone else's play.

Write your own part.​

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