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from ashes we rise

Savage Sacrament began from the abyss. The kind that consumes the past and leaves a barren space where anything or nothing is possible. We chose anything. 

​The  Phoenix lovers who came together in flame and were reborn over and over again, what we discovered in the fire is that surrender is a door and walking through it offers a glimpse of the infinite.

We are devoted to the idea that we are all Sovereign Creators of our own reality and the way we adorn ourselves to move through the world casts a spell that touches everyone who comes in contact with us. That magic shows the Universe exactly how it is that we want to be received and as such respected, revered, and risen up. Every day we give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are and hope that our ferocious embrace of personal freedom reverberates out and gives everyone else the courage to own exactly who they are, too.

Find yourself in our Ready To Wear statement pieces or Work With Us to create something just for yourself.

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